How can I get involved?


The EMETNET project is building a network of experts to support the EU level response to environmental emergencies. The purpose of the network is to carry out a rapid assessment of risks to public health and the environment of natural and man-made disasters in order to support DG ECHO's Emergency Response Coordination Centre. The network will also be available to provide back‐office support to environmental experts deployed to the emergency under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. In addition, the network is involved in developing and testing the network response mechanism and the associated procedures, guidance and tools.


If you choose to join the network, we would appreciate it if you could participate in these events. In the event of an environmental emergency, we may contact you, at which point you can decide whether to join the network response to the threat. The pilot network will run to the end of the project ‐ March 2018 ‐ when the outputs of the project will be delivered to DG ECHO, along with recommendations on how to maintain a sustainable network.


If you would like to join the network, please could you send a message to


If you are already a member of EMETNET, and require a User Account for the website, please create a new account and fill in the Application Form.

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